Those Funny Funguloids!

"Those Funny Funguloids!" Linux FAQ

Here are some answers to a few common questions regarding the Linux port of Funguloids. Also, read the included documentation (readme.html, INSTALL..).

  • Q: Funguloids fails to start with following assertion error, what gives?
    ("OgreGpuProgram.cpp:621: void Ogre::GpuProgramParameters::_writeRawConstants(size_t, const float*, size_t): Assertion `physicalIndex + count <= mFloatConstants.size()' failed.")
  • A: This is an OGRE bug, and happens on older cards which don't support shaders (either correctly, or at all).
    This has been fixed in OGRE 1.4.2, so upgrading to that should help.

  • Q: Funguloids seqfaults at start up (during image loading), how to fix this?
  • A: This is a strange problem with FreeImage that OGRE uses by default (since v1.4.0). Switching back to DevIL (used before v1.4.0) seems to solve this, so it's worth trying. Just reconfigure your OGRE build with DevIL, rebuild and then rebuild Funguloids. Note that you need OGRE 1.4.1 for this to work, since the DevIL support was reverted in that version.

  • Q: Audio quality is bad with OpenAL
  • A: That's not exactly a question. But do read the included file INSTALL on how to attempt to fix OpenAL issues.

  • Q: Why no binary releases?
  • A: Binary releases would be nice, yes, and contributions are always welcome. However, until all the Funguloids dependencies (OGRE 1.4.x mainly) hit the distribution specific packaging channels, binary packages are not really feasable.
    Binaries are available for some distributions already, check the downloads page.