Those Funny Funguloids!

Download "Those Funny Funguloids!"

Downloads are available for Windows and Linux at the moment. Choose the appropriate package(s) for your platform. Windows users can get either the installer or the 7-zip package. The sources are obviously available, too. All our releases are also available from Funguloids project page at SourceForge.

Note: if you're planning to mirror our game, please use the SourceForge download links as your primary link, and your own mirror as secondary link, thank you. This helps us to keep track of the downloads.

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Funguloids for Windows

Funguloids for Linux

You might want to check this somewhat half-assed FAQ if you're having problems with the Linux port.

Various patches from Andres Mejia (+ others):

  • Set of patches, including one that enables Funguloids to work with OGRE 1.6: Download
  • OGRE 1.6 compatible data file: Download
  • Patch that disables mouse capturing (helps with debugging): Download